We’ll look at the book of Hebrews where Abraham had a lifetime of radical disruption. God call him to leave Ur, gave him a promise of a son late in his life, asked him to sacrifice Isaac, etc.

Join us as we explore this new 4-part teaching series of wholeheartedly following God in times when we don’t understand, can’t see ahead, feel inadequate or have blown it. We’ll explore the lives of great men in the Bible such as Abram, Moses and Peter and see how God disrupts their common thread of failure for good. Are you open to God shaking up your world for Him?

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PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE (Living the Conundrum Since 2003). Beware of church gossip, it blinds like the octopus releasing its ink. NAIVETY; although more difficult, it just maybe what is NOT SAID is more important to pick up on. GREAT DISCERNMENT is required when attending any church [(((Country Club)))] today ... remember, it is a public arena and may not be a safe place. Don’t be hoodwinked by slick talking shirts, skirts and drama queens (all genders). Beware of the snakes in the grass for they are of the DEN OF VIPERS. "Don’t Let Anyone Tell You… You are not Saved… You are Saved & Forgiven by God’s Grace" -Franklin Graham