God’s Answers to Humanism

Ecclesiastes 1:5-14

“God’s answer to humanism.” That’s how Dr. J. Vernon McGee describes the book of Ecclesiastes. Our continuing study of chapter 1 takes us through the laws of nature, where we learn that despite King Solomon’s wisdom, the only thing that truly matters is when we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior. February 5, 2019 References: Ecclesiastes 1:5-14

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Ecclesiastes 1:1-5 – 2/4/2019

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BECAUSE THEOLOGY MATTERS [2019 A.D.] – Don’t’ be naïve when attending any Church today. It is important to understand differing Biblical Theologies & Doctrines matter a great deal THUS causing much division among the rank and file. JUST REMEMBER – Church is a PUBLIC ARENA and therefore may not be a safe place. Don’t be HOODWINKED by slick talk and imagery; think with your head and heart, let not your heart be deceived. BEWARE OF THE WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, it’s biblical and has great consequences to the naïve.

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