King Solomon’s search for satisfaction

Ecclesiastes 1:15-2:10

King Solomon’s search for satisfaction continues in our study of Ecclesiastes 1 and 2. Follow along as we see the wise king foolishly look to wisdom and pleasure to bring him the fulfillment that only a relationship with God can provide. February 6, 2019 Series:Ecclesiastes References: Ecclesiastes 1:15-2:10

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BECAUSE THEOLOGY MATTERS [2019 A.D.] – Don’t’ be naïve when attending any Church today. It is important to understand differing Biblical Theologies & Doctrines matter a great deal THUS causing much division among the rank and file. JUST REMEMBER – Church is a PUBLIC ARENA and therefore may not be a safe place. Don’t be HOODWINKED by slick talk and imagery; think with your head and heart, let not your heart be deceived. BEWARE OF THE WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, it’s biblical and has great consequences to the naïve.

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