About This Site

The BlackKettle.Club – a community of the Philosophical…  pondering the conundrum, controversies, and associated dysfunction of the Christian faith. The information posted throughout the site is extracted from multiple internet sources (admittedly a double edge sword) with the intention of learning and dialoging with others. COMMON SENSE along with DISCERNMENT IS ALWAYS REQUIRED on the part of the individual viewer/reader. When all else fails, FOLLOW YOUR GUT INSTINCT – FOLLOW THE MONEY! For the past two thousand years many have high-jacked the Christian Faith for personal gain by fleecing the multitudes while others have used the monies collected for Good. THINK FOR YOURSELF; if it sounds too good to be true… question, talk it over with others you trust, then question it again! Biblical Studies is a life long experience.

Cults & Deception

Beware… “A powerful influential organization with far-reaching effects, esp. harmful ones.” Be careful of “Church Gossip”, it blinds like the octopus releasing it’s ink.

Although more difficult, it just maybe … what is not said, is more important to pick up on. Great discernment is required on one’s part when attending any Church today.

Don’t be naive… remember within any church environment it is a public arena and my not be a safe place to be what so ever. Don’t get caught up in the Hoopla (group think), study the Bible and always think for yourself!

*The Black Kettle Club website & blog also has a community feature which includes user profile fields, activity streams, messaging, and notifications.

The Golden Rule for all community members  don’t be a contemptibly naive, fatuous, foolish, or inconsequential person.

Don’t Be a Bubble-head!