The Disciples of the Apostles – The Apostolic Fathers – Part I

Lecture 4: The Disciples of the Apostles – The Apostolic Fathers – Part I

The Golden Nuggets:

First 500 Years of church history, first generations of church leaders called Apostolic Fathers. Timothy second generation apostles where discipled by the original disciples themselves. Many of the early writings did not survive the first two hundred and fifty years during intense persecution See list of church leaders on the video.

Clement of Rome – forth pope, reference Clément’s Letter, justified by faith and evidence of a changed life (Lordship Salvation) fruit, same as taught by the Reformers, Martin Luther, John Calvin.

Polycarp of Smyrna (Turkey) – First century Christian accused of be atheists, burned at the stake, false teaching arises, humanity of Jesus was in questioned, (Gnosticism), the divinity was not question at this time.

Bottom line, evangelical notions where evident in early catholic history.

Pentecost to Patmos, Part 2

Lecture 3: Pentecost to Patmos, Part II

Golden Nuggets:

Discussion of second, third and possibility forth missionary journeys of Paul. This video covers Neo’s persecution of the Christians after the Burning of Rome.

Also, the importance of understanding Paul’s letters to the people he came into contact with during his journey’s within their historical context of that day. Part II ends with closing of the first century history of the church. The early church experience great controversy while being established which continued through the first one thousand years to this day. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Pentecost to Patmos, Part 1

Lecture 2: From “Pentecost to Patmos, Part I”

Golden Nuggets:

Perhaps one of the least sung hero’s is Barnabas (the encourager). He is the one who spotted Paul (Soul) and encourage him to continue in light of his earlier persecution of the Christian community. Barnabas is the first pastor to the gentile church in Antioch. Chapter 15 discusses the question of faith alone at The First Church Council in Jerusalem. The book of Acts (also known as the Act’s of the Apostles) covers the first 30 years of church history. The greatest takeaway during this period is the transition transforming the Jewish religion to Gentile religion.

Why Study Church History

Lecture 1: “Why study Church History”

The Master’s Seminary –

Golden Nuggets:

This is a semester long course discussing historical theology which begins in Chapter 2 of the book of ACTS. The primary takeaway (gold nugget) for me is that although the “Catholic Church” sprung up around 100 A.D. or so, they do not own church history like so many Christians are led to believe over the last one hundred years. Looks like this is going to be an interesting study to say the least. Can’t wait to dig in.

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