McGee’s Podcast: Q’s & A’s #3219

June 22, 2019

Saturday's Questions & Answers

Listening Time - 26:00

1) Why are the narratives in the four gospels different?

2) Is it a sin to have a blood transfusion?

3) When God created Adam was it blood that God breathed into him according to the verse that refers to life being in the blood?

4) Does the cup in the Lord’s Supper make reference to wine or water?

5) Why did God let the devil in the Garden of Eden?

6) How many days was Jesus on earth after His resurrection? And how many miracles did He perform during that time?

7) Why don’t you believe that the Old Testament saints were filled with the Holy Spirit?

June 22, 2019


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McGee’s Questions & Answers #3217

McGee’s Questions & Answers #3217

1) When we die do we leave behind our earthly memories, and will we know our loved ones in heaven?

2) If the Rapture occurs before the “abomination of desolation,” why are the days following shortened for the elect?

3) Does John 1:13 refer to Christ or believers?

4) What is the difference between denominational churches and independent churches?

5) Does Matthew 12:31 & 32 refer to the unpardonable sin?

6) Does the reference to the “Ancient of days” in Daniel 7:13 refer to Christ? June 8, 2019

McGee’s Podcast: Q&A #3215

McGee’s Podcasts: Q&A #3215

Questions & Answers

1) Does someone go to hell because we disobeyed God by not witnessing to them?

2) What is the covenant of salt mentioned in Leviticus 2:13 and in other passages?

3) Should a person have a system of doctrine to follow?

4) How can Christians decide which amusements are right from those that are worldly?

5) Did Nahum predict the automobile?

6) Is the Pope the Vicar of Christ?

May 25, 2019

McGee’s Podcast: Q&A #3214

McGee’s Podcast: Questions & Answers #3214

Questions & Answers

1) Can we know that we are saved now or do we have to wait until the resurrection?

2) When does the Rapture occur? Is it before, during, or at the end of the Great Tribulation?

3) What should be the Christian’s response to the evidence of carbon dating that man existed long before Adam and Eve?

4) How do we accept the salvation that comes from Christ?

5) Why does Romans 4:19 say that Abraham’s body was dead when he fathered six children after Isaac?

6) Why do say that speaking in tongues is not for today?

May 18, 2019