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Purpose Driven Troublemakers

The Black Kettle Club is a social media (aggregate site) dedicated to learning about the Christian Faith and its twisted dysfunction. The information throughout this site is extracted from multiple sources with the intent of understanding the various Theologies and Doctrines. Great personal discernment is always required, it’s easy to be hoodwinked. If all else fails, follow the money.

While attending any PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH (or otherwise) it maybe more important to pick up on what is not being said, biblical study is your only defense to false teaching. Just remember not everyone is your friend and may not have your best interest in mind, naivety has not place in any church environment today.

For those that are born again, let no man speculate on your final destination. Beware of congregational wolves that have the audacity to question one’s salvation.

“Don’t Be Stupid”

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Shows the level of depravity of JMAC. Also shows what all the elders knew and just turned the other way.
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