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  • by Dr. J. Vernon McGee
    The Bible is very cleara spiritual realm exists in our world that cannot be seen unless its revealed to us. However, every now and then in Gods Word well find moments when the veil is pulled back and we get glimpses into that realm. Join us in this study as we get that sneak peek through the eyes of the prophet Daniel.
  • by Dr. J. Vernon McGee
    A grand panoramic view of a fabulous section of Scripture. Thats the amazing scenery our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, says well view as the Bible Bus pulls up to Daniel, chapter 9, for Daniels prophecy of the seventy weeks.
  • by Dr. J. Vernon McGee
    Do you ever feel that your prayers go no further than the ceiling? If so, this study is for you. In Daniel chapter 9, well not only see a model of how a righteous man prays, but well also get to peek into the spiritual realm and understand the Fathers response to godly prayer. So, hop aboard as we set off for what our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, calls one of the richest chapters in all of Scripture.
  • by Dr. J. Vernon McGee
    Daniel is perplexed by his recent vision, and the angel Gabriel visits to explain it. Those are the exciting events well witness as our study in the Old Testament book of Daniel chapter 8 continues.
  • by Dr. J. Vernon McGee
    Is the United States mentioned in prophecy? Thats one of the many questions our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, answers as Daniels vision of the ram and he-goat begins in chapter eight.
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