Black Kettle Theology

The Bible is the most misquoted, least understood collection of books of all time. Knowledge of Biblical Theology and Doctrine matters, don’t be deceived by lurking wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing no matter what, beware of stiff-necked people [weasels] in any church today “Purpose Driven” or otherwise. Remember – One Man’s Theology is another Man’s Heresy regarding the Doctrine of Salvation. Naivety has no place in these organizations of family run businesses, don’t be hoodwinked for your time and money.


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  1. Nativity has no place while attending any church, don’t be quick to trust other’s that may not have your best interest in mind. It turns out that there are a thousand and one other motives in play, the over all environment may not be a safe place. Remember “church” is a public arena where great discernment is required on ones part.


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