McGee’s Commentary: Ecclesiastes

(Ecclesiastes 3) The Industrial Revolution may have transformed the world, yet now we’re dependent upon these very machines, to the point that we feel we could never live without them! But where is God in all of this? February 10, 2019 References: Ecclesiastes 3

Ecclesiastes 3

“A Christian should be adventurous, tremendously interested in life, on the race course running for that prize which is Jesus Christ.” That’s what our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, says in response to King Solomon’s experiments with fatalism and egotism in Ecclesiastes chapters 3 and 4. Hop aboard the Bible Bus as we hear more about of the foolishness of the supposedly wise king. February 8, 2019 Series:Ecclesiastes References: Ecclesiastes 3:1-4:9

Ecclesiastes 3:1-4:9