The Old Rugged Cross

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Doctrine of Truth

“All doctrine begins with God and has its eternal existence in God, but there was no need of doctrine until God created Man. As soon as man was created, a need existed. Man was made in the image of God, which means among other things that he had the ability to reason. His intellectual ability reflects the thought processes of God.” 

“The object of our faith is more important than the sincerity of our belief. The man who thinks he is right but is not sure may be far better off than the one who is “sure” but is absolutely wrong. The credibility of our faith begins with objective truth and ends with eternal trust.” 

Concise Bible Doctrines by Elmer L. Towns

Hoodwinked… Again

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The “Bible” is perhaps the most miss quoted, least understood collection of books of all time. Be careful not to get hoodwinked by others, nativity is dangerous. Studying and understanding differing Biblical Theologies and Doctrines is a must. Running with the herd can lead to cultism, there is nothing new under the sun… Absolutely Nothing.

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Wolves lurk in every congregation, many times it’s what is not said is more important to pick up on. Unless you read and study the bible for yourself it is impossible to know if you are being lead down a path of destruction.

Post Modernism and the Emergent Church

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Full interview on the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) with Chris Rosebrough, Pastor of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church and Founder of Pirate Christian Radio. Some topics discussed in this interview include modern Apostles, the Latter Rain, the term New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), the Apostolic Commissioning of Todd Bentley, C. Peter Wagner, IHOP, Bethel, and the Seven Mountains Mandate. Source link (click here)

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Jordan Peterson: Postmodernism: How and why it must be fought

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This is a clip from a 2017 Manning Centre Conference (February 23-25 in Ottawa), where I spoke along with Professor Gad Saad and John Carpay, President of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms about the political turmoil on university campuses and in broader society, and the role of postmodern theory in producing that turmoil

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