What is Truth?

Discernment Required
Steve Gregg
Don’t Be Stupid

Nothing New Under the Sun

The Bible is the most misquoted, least understood collection of books of all time. Knowledge of Biblical Theology and Doctrine matters, don’t be deceived by lurking wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing no matter what, beware of stiff-necked people [weasels] in any church today “Purpose Driven” or otherwise. REMEMBER… One Man’s Theology is another Man’s Heresy (especially the Doctrine of Salvation). NAIVETY has no place in these organizations of family run businesses, don’t be hoodwinked for your time and money.

Remember THIS – In today Churches it just maybe more important to pick up on what is not being said from the pulpit, discernment is required along with understanding context, beware of Biblical Spin. The church is no place for HERD MENTALITY…. The Den of Vipers are very settle in appearance and action.